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Custom Lead Generation
for the Finance Industry

Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Driving Exclusive Inbound Calls and Online Leads

We help you target In-Market Borrowers using data overlays, including:

FICO Score
Propensity Score
Interest Rate
Debt-to-Income Ratio
Revolving Debt

We're a Modern Customer Acquisition Company
for the Finance Industry

With our best-in-class, integrated marketing platform we drive new borrowers to you through inbound calls to your Loan Officer Team and funneling prospects to your online application. Your success is our success when we bring you new borrowers at a low cost-per-acquisition.

Our Clients

Direct Mortgage Lenders
Mortgage Brokers
Credit Unions
Personal Loan Providers
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Lenders
VA Direct Lenders
Peer-to-Peer and Tech Lender Startups

Fully Integrated Media Drives Powerful Results

Equifax FICO Data

Pinpoint Prospects. Competitive Advantage.

Exceedia is an Equifax Full-End Service Provider. This allows our team to formulate the best data selection for your Loan Program and perfect borrower. Our featured filters:

  • True In-Market Propensity Scores – Using the latest data, we are able to locate the customers in your area most likely to be in the market for a mortgage, HELOC or personal loan.
  • Estimated Debt Ratios – Know who has the right debt ratio to be able to qualify for your mortgages.

With over 50 unique data filters we simplify finding your ideal customers.

Direct Mail

Historical Performance. Volume Producer.

The number one tool for driving loan volume, direct mail, is still at the top of the mountain for mortgage loan generation. We have years of experience with direct mail for the financial industry and every day we bring success to our clients. When integrated with the proper online channels that we offer, direct mail is the most powerful tool in the finance industry.

FICO Based Email

Opted-in. Maximum Engagement.

By matching FICO scores with dozens of other data points, then merging that information with over 200 million consumer emails, this channel helps your campaign reach its full potential. We begin with an intro email at the direct mail delivery point per our automated USPS mail tracking and follow up with a reminder email five days later. This is the ideal way to reach reluctant clients and prospects that are "on the fence." Every recipient has a customized link to their own Personal Landing Page.

Personal Landing Pages

Personal Connection. Trust Builder.

In today’s market, consumers expect a personalized experience. Using our exclusive Personalized Landing Pages, each of your recipients sees a customized page based on their loan needs. Overcome reluctance and objections by letting Exceedia create Personalized Landing Pages for each of your prospects. We handle the complete design, build, and propagation of every page and by working closely with you and your marketing department, we ensure the integrity of your brand throughout every page.

Google Remarketing

Remarkable Impact. Remarkably Inexpensive.

Using the power of Google Remarketing lets you stay in front of prospects longer. Used in tandem with Personal Landing Pages, prospects will continue to view your display ads on sites including CNN, USA Today, ESPN, and YouTube. This is the perfect channel after the initial touch points. Each additional new borrower drastically lowers your overall cost-per-acquisition. Also, using this channel effectively and inherently builds your company brand. Our team will arrange everything; all you have to do is wait for the responses to flood in.

Marketing Campaign Manager

Gauge Performance. Adapt. Repeat.

The key to success with any marketing campaign is to be able to track your progress, modify your efforts, and optimize your campaign. Our team works with you to ensure every campaign exceeds your expectations.

Key campaign measurements and tools:

  • Campaign Performance Summary
  • Overall campaign performance report
  • Inbound call tracking with response rates
  • Personal Landing Page conversion rates
  • Detail performance by loan programs and/or states
  • Mail Tracking with Out-For-Delivery Reporting

Complete Loan Officer CRM

  • Equifax Prospect Database Lookup
  • Google Street View for Each Prospect
  • Export to DU or Encompass - Import from Zillow
  • Custom Loan Officer Performance Reports
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