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Our Mission

Continue to innovate and develop new ways to help you acquire new customers by generating the best qualified, cost-effective leads, using the most responsive media channels.

We've always done things a little differently

Exceedia began in 2000 as a small marketing consultation firm focused on offering innovative customer acquisition opportunities. During the great recession in 2008, we recognized that our clients were struggling to recapture customers and bring on new ones due to low customer acquisition rates and through-the-roof cost-per-lead.

Our solution; offer clients a way to send targeted and motivating offers to consumers who are qualified to refinance their mortgage. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we expanded into a full-service direct mail company catering to the mortgage refinance industry.

In 2016 we saw another opportunity to expand our services by offering completely integrated offline & online marketing opportunities. Now, Exceedia provides truly integrated marketing using the best media for customer acquisition in the Finance Industry. This brings us to...

Our relationship with Equifax

Our preferred vendor status with Equifax gives us unique capabilities that other firms simply can’t offer. We’re the only company to integrate their first-rate Credit Consumer Data which includes FICO Credit Score, TIP Propensity Scores, Estimated Income with industry leading medias such as Direct mail, FICO email, Personal Landing Pages, and Google Remarketing to deliver you world-class customer acquisition marketing.

We know customer acquisition and we love it!

Our team is passionate about… marketing and customer acquisition. Some of us have been doing it for over 20 years and a few others have been on the front lines of working inbound leads and originating loans. That makes us uniquely qualified and skilled at understanding your business, your needs, and your challenges. We approach and manage the same measurables you do, such as the number of qualified inbound opportunities, cost-per-lead, qualified inquiries per program or campaign and conversion rates - to name a few.

Our team is not so passionate about… hierarchies and traditional top-down management. Instead, we opt to work collaboratively through a cross-platform, team-based structure that allows us all to work together on projects and client accounts while contributing our individual skills and talents companywide.

We're a team of driven overachievers

At our core we share a desire to get every detail right the first time and continually improve and refine our systems and techniques. We understand that our systems and your acquisition rates are deeply intertwined and the time and energy we put into perfecting our services directly impacts the success of your next campaign. Simply put, we never stop improving because you never stop improving.

Your turn

Your next customer acquisition campaign begins with our cutting-edge marketing driven by Exceedia's team-based employees. Follow the link below to learn more about Exceedia and discuss how we can work together to help you generate qualified leads and acquire new customers.

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