Daily Retention Alert Service (DRAS)™

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The Finance Industry's #1 Retention Strategy

Daily Retention Alert Service (DRAS)™

Stop Account Holder Attrition Caused by Competitors

The #1 Retention Strategy... Just got better! Our Daily Retention Alert Service (DRAS)™ – is an all‑inclusive turnkey retention service for Banks and Credit Unions. We've made our service better by adding new media channels such as text messaging and the option for a #10 mailer. We also simplified it with a lower bundle price that includes Counter‑Propositions.

How It Works:

Get Daily Alerts When Account Holders Apply for Credit Elsewhere

DRAS™ scans Equifax's® credit pull database every day and cross-references it with your member or customer database. As soon as their credit is pulled it is flagged for alert. Our system discovers every application and even a simple quote request when their credit is pulled.

You'll be informed which type of the four inquiries:
Daily Alert Report

Every morning, you'll receive an email with a link to your list of account holders who had their credit pulled on the previous day. You'll know who is at risk for obtaining a loan elsewhere or leaving your credit union altogether.

Each report gives you:

  • An overview of how many alerts you've received per category for the day.
  • An easy-to-read chart gives you a quick visual on each category as a percentage.
  • A monthly view that shows you how each category is tracking for the month.
  • A link to download at‑risk account holders. You can also view them online.
Automatic Counter‑Propositions

On the morning of your alerts, we automatically send personalized Counter‑Propositions to each account holder. Each message is sent on your behalf to help prevent a missed loan opportunity. We provide marketing copy and design of the highest quality – ensuring brand integrity with each communication. The call-to-action responses go directly to you from one or more of these effective media channels:

Direct Mail • Email • Text Message

Marketing Campaign Manager

Manage your alert files, leads and media channels all online. You're able to track your progress, modify your efforts and optimize your ongoing campaigns. We work with you to ensure every campaign exceeds your expectations.

New Customer & Member Acquisition

Attract New Account Holders Using Equifax® Pre-Screened Data

Target and Acquire New Members or Customers While Mitigating Risk with Pre-Screen Data

Gain Market Share by acquiring new account holders through loans that fit their needs. We blend your internal lending conditions with Equifax’s pre-screen filters to create dynamic, high-resolution customer profiles that will generate robust response and account growth.

Choose Filters Such As:

  • FICO Score
  • TIP™ Propensity Score
  • County or ZIP Code
  • Loan Type
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Balance
  • Months Remaining
  • Over 50 Filters Available

Impressive Results

Exceedia’s cutting-edge Loan Generation Marketing helps you shrink acquisition costs while growing ROI.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Upgrade Existing Account Holders with Pre-Qualified Offers

Grow Your Share of Wallet with Highly-Targeted Personalized Campaigns

Increase your Share of Wallet by focusing on customer-service oriented cross-sell offers that are relevant to your account holders.

Exceedia’s partnership with Equifax® helps you tap into their pre-screen database by merging it with yours and identifying the perfect cross-sell opportunity for both you and your account holder. Take advantage of our cross-sell campaigns and grow your overall account holder lifetime value.

Campaign Spotlight

Auto Loan Recapture

Looking to grow your Auto Loan Portfolio? We can help you reveal which account holders have auto loans at other institutions. You can target filters such as:

  • FICO Score
  • Open Date
  • APR
  • Payoff Amount
  • Monthly Payment
  • More...

Use our proven integrated marketing campaigns and invite them to learn how they can save by refinancing their auto loan with you.

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